Batik Process

Guided to the LightThis batik, "Guided to the Light" has had all white and light blue areas waxed and dyed and is now ready to be dyed dark blue.

Guided to the LightIt has been dyed dark blue and all wax has been removed by immersing in boiling water and rubbing off the wax in cool water.

Guided to the LightAll areas to remain blue or white were waxed and it was dyed in yellow and orange dyebaths, changing the blues to greens.

Guided to the LightThe last colours, pink and red, were dyed, changing the blues to mauves and purples.

Guided to the LightThe finished batik was stretched onto a light-box (a neon bulb attached to a central panel on the bottom inside of the box). When plugged in the batik comes alive like stain glass